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Instagrab is a fast and free instagram downloader tool that allows you to download instagram videos, photos, stories, reels, igtv. Using Instagrab you can download and save instagram photos and videos in highest quality on your mobile phone or pc. Another feature that Instagrab has is the ability to copy captions of instagram posts, reels, igtv's.

There are different types of content on instagram such as videos, photos, stories, reels and igtv's, all this content types be downloadable using Instagrab. Just copy the content link on Instagram and paste it into the address field at the top of the page and click the download button.

Instagram is a social network with billions of users from all over the world. This social network has millions of photos and videos. One of the disadvantages of Instagram is that it does not allow users to download content. We have solved this problem by building Instagrab. With Instagrab you do not need any app installation and always compatible with the latest Instagram updates.

Instagram Video Downloader

This tool allows you to save and download the instagram video to your device. If the instagram post has several videos, all videos can be downloadable. Videos can be downloadable with the highest quality and mp4 format.

Instagram Photo Downloader

with the instagram photo downloader you can save instagram post image to your device. It is also possible to download all the photos of a post with several slides. All photos can be downloadable with the original resulotion.

Instagram Story Downloader

Using this tool you will able to view and download instagram stories. You can view all stories of an instagram account and choose desired video or photo and download it to your device.

Instagram Story Viewer

This tool ables you to view all the stories of an instagram account and download any of the stories you want.

Instagram Reels Downloader

Reels is the new video format in the instagram, Our instagram reel downloader helps you to easily save instagram reels to your phone or pc. Reels can be downloaded with the highest quality and mp4 format.

Instagram IGTV Downloader

Instagram IGTV videos is the longer videos compared to Instagram feeds. By using our instagram igtv downloader you will able to save igtv videos with the highest posible quality.

Instagrab Features

  • Anonymous Download
    download instagram photos, videos, stories, reels, igtvs anonymously without need to login to your instagram account
  • Original Quality
    All instagram photos and videos presented in the original quality and resulotion
  • Fast Download
    All instagram media files can be download in the fastest time
  • Easy To Use
    You don't need any app installation to download instagram contents
  • No Restrictions
    There are no restrictions on downloading from instagram

How to download from instagram ?

1. in the instagram goto desired post/story/reel/igtv and tap on the context menu(3 dots icon) and then select "Copy Link" or "Link" option
2. go back to this page and paste the copied url into the address field on the top of this page and then click on the Download button
3. now the video(s) or photo(s) will be displayed and can be download by pressing download button that placed below of item