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Instagram Reels Downloader by Instagrab is free tool to download instagram reels videos in MP4 format and highest quality possible (HD, 4K). save instagram reels video on your device quickly. With our instagram reels video downloader you can save instagram reels videos to your phone and share them with the friends or view in the gallery in the purpose of offline watching. You can also copy the caption of the instagram reels video to the clipboard.
Instagram reels downloader is completely free to use and there is no limit to the number of instagram reels downloads.

What is instagram reels downloader ?

Reels is a new video format that instagram recently introduced. Like other content on instagram, instagram doesn't allow users to download Reels videos. With the help of our instagram Reels downloader, you can download Reels videos and save them on your device. Using this tool is completely free and you do not need to register. There is also no need to log in to the instagram account. You just need to copy the desired Reels link on instagram and paste it in the address field at the top of this page.

How to download and save instagram reels video ?

  • In the instagram goto desired reels video and tap on the context menu(3 dots icon) and then select "Copy Link" or "Link" option
  • Paste the copied link into the address field on the top of this page and then click on download button.
  • Now instagram reels video will be displayed and you can download the instagram reels video with the mp4 format.

Why use online instagram reels video downloader ?

Beacuse no need to install any applications or softwares on your device and it is compatible with new instagram updates and will always be working.

Where can i find saved instagram reels videos ?

Downloaded videos are saved in the Downloads folder by default. In mobile phones, the video will be displayed in the gallery immediately after the download is finished.

Is using instagram reels downloader legal ?

It depends on how you use the video. If you download videos for personal use, it is completely legal. Otherwise, no.

How can i download instagram reels videos to android or iPhone ?

Instagrab Reels Downloader is a web application and is compatible with all Android, iOS, computer and tablet devices. How to download Reels is explained above. After completing the mentioned steps, you can save the Instagram Reels video in your mobile phone.