Instagram Story Downloader

Instagram Story Saver

Instagram Story Downloader by Instagrab is a free tool to download photos and videos of instagram stories anonymously in the highest quality possible (HD, 4K). With using instagram story saver, you can view Instagram stories and save them on your device. instagram story downloader allows you to download Instagram story video in mp4 format and high quality. Instagram photo stories can also be downloaded with different resolutions.
Using Instagrab story downloader, you can download instagram story highlights with the highest possible quality. You just need to copy the link of the highlight story from instagram and paste it into the address field on the top of this page.
Instagram Story Downloader ables you to download instagram stories without logging into instagram and installing an app. Just copy the story link from Instagram and paste it in the address field at the top of this page and then click on the download option.

What is instagram story downloader ?

As you know, it is not possible to download stories on Instagram. It happens many times that you see a story on Instagram and want to share it in your stories. The old and unprincipled solution is to take a screenshot of the story, which causes the quality to decrease, and you also need to edit the screenshot. With the help of Instagrab Story Downloader, you can save Instagram stories with the highest possible quality on your phone or computer.

How to download instagram stories ?

  • In the instagram goto desired story and tap on the context menu(3 dots icon) and then select "Copy Link" option
  • Paste the copied link into the address field on the top of this page and then click on download button.
  • Now you can download the story photo or video.

Where can i find saved instagram stories ?

Downloaded videos or photos are saved in the Downloads folder by default. In mobile phones, the video or photo will be displayed in the gallery immediately after the download is finished.

How can i download instagram stories anonymously ?

You don't need to login to your instagram account and our Instagram Story Downloader will download the story and your identity remains protected.

Is there a limit on the story downloads ?

No, using this tool is completely free and there is no limit for downloading Instagram stories.

How to save instagram stories on android / iPhone (ios) ?

In the instagram app copy the link from the instagram story and then open your web browser and navigate to this page , paste the copied link into address field and click on download button.

Is it possible to download Instagram story highlights ?

Our Instagram story downloader has the ability to download Instagram story highlights. Using this feature, you can easily save Instagram story highlights with the highest possible quality on your device. Open the highlight story of Instagram and select the copy link option from the context menu (three dots icon) and then paste it in the address field at the top of this page and click on the download option.